Twitter Training – Case Study

Birmingham bar and cafe businesses learn how to build the brand and drive new and repeat sales with Twitter


The Towercrest Enterprises team invited Susanne to deliver a Twitter training course for the marketing manager, venue managers and assistant managers of Le Truc, their French bar & bistro venue in central Birmingham and for The Selly Sausage, a café and bar based near Birmingham University in the Selly Oaks suburb of the city.

Both businesses had been using Twitter with some success, but the CEO saw the potential to further improve their use of the channel to attract more new customers and engage with existing clientele.



The managers had varying degrees of experience of Twitter, from no experience of the channel to others who had some understanding of the medium.  Le Truc had only recently opened in August 2012, so there was a need to drive Twitter engagement as quickly as possible to help build the business in its launch period.


To support the team’s training requirements, Susanne produced a customised half-day Twitter Training course which included;

●       Social Media Strategy overview for the Towercrest organisation

●       Industry Examples

●       Twitter Basics

●       Twitter Tactics for Hospitality Businesses

●       Do’s and Don’ts

●       Content Creation Guidelines

●       Twitter on Mobile – Practical Session

●       Social Media Management Process

●       Hootsuite Demo (Social Media Publishing Software)

By the end of the session, the team had a much better appreciation of the power and application of Twitter and they have since gone on to use Twitter in a more strategic and effective manner.


Since the training session, Twitter has become one of Le Truc’s principal marketing channels on the back of approximately 20 to 25 tweets per week.    In the past seven days (early February 2013) Le Truc’s twitter communication has reached 22,831 separate accounts and has had an impression rate of 44,239. 

The Selly Sausage’s on-going weekly #TwitterTuesday campaigns have been a big success and help drive more business to the café early in the week and during traditionally quiet periods.   Twitter is also being used to promote their party and events offer and has resulted in high levels of engagement with the local university students and organisations.  

Both businesses now have achieved higher Klout ratings which demonstrate their effective use of the platform, Le Truc currently scores 48 and Selly Sausage scores 47.

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